Starting Over Again

Sometimes starting over is not what we want to do especially when we have invested, money and late nights researching. Needless to say it is necessary and beneficial even if we don't see it at the time.

Recently, I created a post on Elegance By Destiny's Facebook page to give a way a Free gift. That same day I went into Business Manager on Facebook to update Administrative Roles for my pages to ensure that I had access to all the pages that maintain. Well, guess what while making updates I inadvertenly deleted myself. Go figure. I was so anxious and I knew better. Instead of planning a set time of the day to make the updates when I was more relaxed...I figured it had to be done so I would make updates while trying to make changes to other things that same day.

So to make a long story short I spent the past couple of days trying to find a way to add myself back as an Admin. I searched the Help options, looked at Youtube Videos and even had my 14 year son trying to assist me last night. Then I stopped and thought to myself it's time to start over. At that point I was relieved because this would give me the opportunity to go through the entire process step by step. It dawned on me that no matter how far you come in your business there are times in which you must start over not necessary from scratch but at the beginning of instruction or processes to ensure that you did not miss anything. 

There are times in which you will be excited about a project, event or new product or service and feel that you can breeze through steps and get the same results. Of course you can, however missing one step can cause a product or service to be out of sync. 

If you are in a season in your business in which you feel overwhlemed frustrated and anxious stop, think and look at your process and make sure that you followed the necessary steps to achieve the desired end. I'm pretty sure you may have overlooked or intentionally skipped a step.

"Don't be afraid to go back and make changes, improve the process and in my case start over again."


Elegance By Destiny 

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