Do Not Get Discouraged.

 Hi there!

Glad you stopped by to visit and support Elegance By Destiny.  Allow me to give you a little back ground about Elegance By Destiny. The business was originally founded in September 2016 selling accessories and clothing.

Talk about excitement I was ecstatic about starting a business. Everything was carefully thought out. There were plenty of late nights doing research for products and vendors to ensure I knew and had the necessary tools to succeed.  I was confident and I knew that business would be booming in a few months!   

There were a few friends and family supporting me on this new journey to entrepreneurship and then I was offered an opportunity to participate as a vendor for a local event. While nervous I was overjoyed about the exposure it would bring as well as potential clients for future sales.  

Subsequently, after the event I was not excited to say the least. I became discouraged  and sat on my business for 6 years. Shortly after I  sold items here and there but I was not motivated even after all that I had done to start a legal business. There were a host of vendors that attended but only specific businesses were being introduced. 

You may be asking yourself why is this relevant...well it is. It's to give you encouragement, inspiration and motivation to keep going no matter what you may face in your business.  Business is not easy even though social media makes it seem that way. There's a lot that goes on behind the post, comments, lives and ads.

Just remember your why; smile often through the process and keep finding ways that are relevant to your niche and customer base. When you get discouraged just know that you won't always be. 

It's 2020 and I have started Elegance By Destiny back up with a new prospective and appreciation for what I learned the first go round!  I do not want any other person to experience what I felt.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and support. Stay tuned for more E.B.D News Updates. I look forward to sharing my journey with you.



Elegance By Destiny  

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