Use What You Already Have!

Times have been challenging for most since the pandemic began. Many have been laid off, furloughed and  small mom and pop businesses have been feeling the impact.  Kids that were not virtual learners began to experience what it is like to  learn from home for the past few months of the school year. Employees from all over have felt the burden of having to shift; doing more with less which in turn is not new to some.  In spite of it all workers are having to maintain a professional outlook in the workplace and be attentive at home. Needless to say, it has been a trying time for everyone accept a few but it is not the end of the road. 

Prices at the pumps are down but the cost of the needed goods and services have gone up due to the demand of the basic necessitates. Most stores have not been fully stocked since the news broke about the pandemic.

While fear has come over some it has not conquered all. People have opened their eyes and minds and have taken action as their destiny is in their hands. The working class can no longer wait on the outcome of the day to day decision making of executives with Cadillac plans that they have should the organizations and corporations decided that they want to close, merge or outsource work.   

As a result, many new businesses have been birthed out of this crisis which is good. People are opening up to the idea of being their own boss and business owners to supplement income or just having a  back up plan a security net should their employers feel the need to lay-off, furlough or decide to close their doors. 

There is still hope no matter what it may look or sound like. Don't allow your gift (s) to lay dormant another day.  You can either stand still and watch things fall apart or you can get in gear and come up with a plan to enact and take charge of your life. For some it may feel uncomfortable because you are used to clocking in to a 9 to 5. Don't be foolish to just walk a way from your job. Allow your job to fund  your business until you are able to submit your resignation. If you have a family sit down have a family meeting and discuss your idea as these are the individuals who you will need much of your support and encouragement from. 

We all know what strengths and weakness that we embody but we can not dwell on what is happening. If you are able to help someone please do so with love and joy. Here are a list of  businesses that may have minimal to no start up cost are:


Lawn care


Car Wash

Dog Sitting

Window Washer


Hair Care


Grocery Shoppers/Delivery


and More.

Just know that no matter what happens YOU have a choice. You can either allow what is happening to cause you to remain in fear or get productive.

Step out on faith!

If your business  idea does not work, start over and try again, revamp or find something else to do but whatever you do not stand still being hopeless waiting on someone else to help get you through. There will be people to help and support you but don't get upset if they don't. 

Keep your faith, trust and belief in God and watch it work!


Elegance By Destiny 

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