Procrastination Brings on Discouragement

Have you ever procrastinated thinking that you had to spend xyz amounts of money or have all the details  figured out before you start your own business. Well, I am here to tell you this is not the case. Too often we sit on our gift(s) that can help others and often times have a solution to problems.

Some people have products and services that others have been seeking in order to solve a particular problem. While I understand that everyone is not meant to be a business owner those that are must step out on faith. Don't allow another day to pass you by without starting. You won't have it all figured out however remaining idle is not beneficial. 

There are many resources available to those seeking to start a business. You have the Small Business Admistration You can check with your state, town, city, village or county to find out the process to register your business. Those that are seeking to be contractors theres the 1099 method of doing business along with having the proper licenses and isurances if applicable. There are local businesses in the area in which you maybe able to reach out to and see if they are willing to share their journey with you.

Don't forget the most imortant step in starting anything business do your research. You must know the tools, supplies and licenses needed depending on the business you are seeking to start. Having the necessary information is key to being successful in anything.

While we all know that there are plenty of social media pop up experts or viral influencers; make sure that you have the necessary research needed to be successful. Everyones business journey is different. You can sale the same products or offer the same services and be successful or unsuccessful.

Everyone has their own way of doing things. Nevertheless, do not compare your business journey or success to anyone elses. Many people can easily get distracted with the likes, follows, posting  and get discouraged when others continue to post how much they are making. Always remember that you don't know what other people have to do to obtain their level of success. You want to be fruitful and stressless. There is nothing wrong with following or getting ideas and creative inspiration but remain you no matter the cost!

Remember it's not about what you offer but the quality of the product,service and customer service. With all this being said don't wait another day as procrastating to start will bring on discouragement and delay your success!

"No question is a dumb question only the one that you are afraid to ask in order to be successful"


Elegance By Destiny 


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